2019 Election Candidates

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Plumstead GOP Club



Chairperson –  Mike Snyder

Vice Chair –  A.J. Sailor

Treasurer –  Harry Ferguson

Secretary – Alison Washburn

Important Dates


October 7

Last day to REGISTER before the November election

October 29

Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot

November 1

Last day for County Boards of Elections to receive voted civilian absentee ballots

November 5


Upcoming Meetings & Events


Meetings are every third Wednesday of each month at 7pm at Capri


September 18, 2019

at Capri in Plumsteadville


October 16, 2019

at Capri in Plumsteadville

Helpful Links


Register to Vote

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Fill Out an Absentee Ballot

Print this form and fill out to apply for an absentee ballot

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