Committee People

What is a Committee person?

Committee people represent and work on behalf of the Republican party and the Bucks GOP in their respective district and township. One committeeman and one committeewoman is elected to serve in each district within the township. See list of responsibilities below. Assistant committee people may be recommended by committeepeople to and appointed by the Bucks GOP.

How and when are they chosen?

Committeepeople are elected every two years (even years) and appear on the General Primary ballot only. They do not appear again on the ballot in the fall General Election. A committee person candidate needs gain 10 signatures (minimum) on a Nominating Petition to get their name on the ballot. Further information on the Petition process can be found at on the Board of Elections page.

Executive Committee Members Standards

  1. Registration – Work directly with the County Registration Chairman and pursue with diligence the registration of new voters and changeovers on my district.
  2. Voter Turnout – Assume responsibility (or joint responsibility where more than one Executive Committee Member) in both Primary and General Elections for the voter turnout in their area of responsibility.
  3. Finance – Will appoint (or will jointly appoint where more than one Executive Committee member) a Finance Chairman in their district that shall work diligently with the County Finance Coordinator and shall pursue with diligence the raising of funds.
  4. Communications – At all times Executive Committee Members will see that effective communications exists between committee people in their district and the County Committee Headquarters and County Chairman.
  5. Campaigns – Will appoint (or will jointly appoint where more than one Executive Committee Member) a Campaign Chairman to work directly with the County Campaign Chairman.
  6. Attendance at Executive Committee Meetings – Agree to attend scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee Members are fully aware that they may be removed from my post as Executive Committee Member if they miss three consecutive Executive Committee Meetings.
  7. Meetings with Committee people – Agree to hold (or will jointly hold where more than one Executive Committee Member) at least quarterly meetings with the committee people of their district, and are fully aware that they may be removed from my post as Executive Committee Member for failing to hold the minimum number of meetings cited above.
  8. In addition to the above specific duties, they shall organize and carry out all other functions that can reasonably be expected to be associated with my responsibilities as an Executive Committee Representative.



Who are our Committee people for Plumstead Township?

Executive Committee people

Deborah Albus Wagner

Howard Schargel

Plumstead 1 – Pt. Pleasant Fire Co.

Maureen Pollazzi

Harry Ferguson

Plumstead 2 – Plumstead Fire Co.

Cassandra Brown

Greg Bankos

Plumstead 3 – Tohickon Middle School

Alison Washburn

Howard Schargel

Plumstead 4 – Hanusey Community Park

Julie Curtin

Barry J Frank

Plumstead 5 – Tohickon Middle School

Kelley Noftsger

A.J. Sailor

What are the duties and responsibilites of a commitee person?

By resolution of the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Bucks County, the duties are set forth as follows:

  1. Register Republican voters.
  2. Recruit new candidates for office
  3. Help with nominating petitions.
  4. Attend county and local Republican events, meetings and fundraisers.
  5. Help endorsed Republicans running for office.
  6. Arrange for phone calls before elections.
  7. Distribute Absentee Ballots.
  8. Assist at county fairs and community events.
  9. Help the candidates meet the voters.
  10. Recruit volunteers for your district.
  11. Recommend Assistant Committeepeople for appointment.
  12. Canvass your district.
  13. Recruit poll watchers.
  14. Cover polls on election days and distribute the sample ballot.
  15. Thank your volunteers.